Cindy Crabb’s zine Doris was highly influential in the third wave feminist zine culture of the 90s.”I wanted to break open the secrets isolate us,” she writes, “the difficult secrets but also the small secret joys that keep us alive.”

Her memoirs show us how to remain tender in a threatening world while covering such topics as sexual assault, consent, abortion, addiction, queer identity, poverty, depression & the death of family members.

Cindy Crabb is the author of the zine collections Doris Encyclopedia (alternately titled Things That Help) and Doris Anthology. She is the editor of the book Learning Good Consent which has been translated in whole or parts into French, German, Spanish, Hebrew and Flemish. She and her sister conducted the interviews for the zines Masculinities: interviews and Filling the Void: interviews about quitting drinking.

About Cindy Crabb

Her essays appear in:

Perspectives on Anarchist Theories, (Power issue #32 and Anarcha-feminisms issue #29), When Language Runs Dry, (Mend My Dress Press, 2020), The Riot Grrrl Collection, (The Feminist Press, 2013), Stay Solid, A Handbook for Youth (AK Press, 2013), Girl Zines, Making Media Doing Feminism, (NYU Press, 2008), We Don’t Need Another Wave, (Seal Press, 2006), Experiencing Abortion, a Weaving of Women’s Words, (Routledge Press, 1997), Girls Guide to Taking Over the World, (St. Martins Press, 1997), Teen VogueBroken Pencil, Utne Reader, Maximum Rock and Roll and Punk Planet